You’ve got to try this…!

It’s a new year so why not try something new! Are you into beauty products, new foods, or how about a new destination? Well, I’m here to give you a look into what’s new and why I think you should give it a try too. 😉


Now I’m not a vegan but I love trying options that I could possibly substitute with better choices and my friends know that I love me some truffle. So I was immediately sold on this option because truffle makes everything taste better.

It’s similar to an aioli and its not very strong which is nice. It’s fluffy and light and goes well on a burger, (vegan or not).

It’s available for purchase at Target stores where available. Because this was a popular drop/collaboration a lot if not most of the items have sold out already. But grab it if you find some!


These were a cute find at my local H&M store here in Chicago. There were not a new jewelry drop from the collection but it was clearance item and I couldn’t resist. They are new to me. Lol. Because of them being a clearance item, I can only imagine they’ve sold out online but you never know. You might get lucky.

I love a great gold statement earring to dress up if not add to an outfit. These were $6 when I bought them but are usually $12.99. I highly recommend for my fashionistas and stylish bloggers for these earrings are a true staple and don’t cost much.


It’s giving a new flavor! Ok, so Cheerios is like Doritos; they come out with a new flavor pretty much every season and you can never know what flavor they will come out with next.

This Honey Vanilla flavor though is amazing – it’s sweet and hearty because it’s Cheerios, hello! The vanilla flavor doesn’t overpower the cereal and will make you want a second bowl for sure.

You can buy it at Jewel Osco or at stores where cereal is sold.


It’s Taco Tuesday and I looooovvveeee a good taco shell variety option. I’ve been an Ortega girl since I was young and they never disappoint with their products. This time around they offer a mini taco for my taco lovers so we don’t feel guilty about eating 3… or 7!

I purchased these mini shells at Jewel Osco as well and loved that they are so small. They’re pretty much bite-size tacos. Make sure to grab you some the next time you go grocery shopping and have fun with it!

Issa Look at the Emmys

It’s AWAARRDD SEAASSSOONNN!!! And I am here for all the looks that were served so fiercely and colorfully by the attendees. Before the week is over, I just wanted to give my top 10 favorite looks of the night, so here they are:

1: LIZZO in Giambattista Valli

Lizzo looked STUNNING in this beautiful tulle dress designed by Giambattista Valli in vibrant red. It’s giving volume, it’s giving boss girl, it’s giving “look at me I’m here”. She’s such an inspiration to me, especially when it comes to fashion because she’s not afraid to wear what she wants or not wear anything at all. I just love her courage and fierce nature. So you better watch out for the BIG GRRRLS because we’re winning! Literally. (Congrats to LIZZO on her first Emmy win for Outstanding Competition Program!)

2. ISSA RAE in Sergio Hudson

There’s nothing I love more than a bold black and white moment on the red carpet because you don’t see it as often. Issa Rae stunned as she always does in a white and black (or black and white) gown designed by Sergio Hudson. As amazing as she looks, you can’t help but be convinced that you need this in your life. The stunner of the evening, Issa Rae just illuminates confidence and you better not forget it.

3. ROSARIO DAWSON in Christian Siriano

Blushing as pink as her dress, Rosario is just a delight as she floats down the red carpet in this soft pink gown designed by Christian Siriano. Loving the fun tulle moment up top and the peek of skin underneath for her mid-section. Definitely a sparkle of a moment for sure.

4. QUINTA BRUNSON in Dolce & Gabbana

This was such a moment! Quinta just gives off queen vibes in this stunning chocolate embellished gown by Dolce & Gabbana. As brown skin girls everywhere are probably in awe by this dress, Quinta made sure to empower those watching as well serve every inch.

5. SHERYL LEE RALPH in Brandon Blackwood & Hair done by Moira “Fingaz” Frazier

Sheryl literally took my breath away in this black velvet dress that was a first-time dress made by the handbag designer Brandon Blackwood. But that’s not all. She sparkled from head to (pony)tail with gems spread all throughout her hair done by hair stylist Moira “Fingaz” Frazier. Keeping it chic and classic in black, the first-time Emmy winner couldn’t have been more beautiful.

6. MOLLY SHANNON in Christian Siriano

It’s not an award show moment without some color and color is what she gave. Molly Shannon looks spicy in her hot pink gown by Christian Siriano. The actress served up a look and gave us a silhouette we can’t forget. One of my favorite looks because of the deep V and ruching around her waist. Such an amazing dress.

7. ZENDAYA in Maison Valentino

Now this was an after-party look favorite of mine and Zendaya never fails to surprise me with these stunning looks. She is wearing a sleek bright red gown by Maison Valentino. I thought she would have decided to wear something from the pink collection dropping with Valentino but this was an amazing surprise.

8. LEE JUNG-JAE in Gucci

One of my favorite actors currently from Netflix’s “Squid Game”, Lee Jung-jae, arrived oh so handsomely in his studded Gucci suit. Serving his version of tall, dark and handsome he still gave us a pop of color underneath his black attire. Winning his first Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor, Lee Jung-jae continues to amaze us even in his style.


Men’s fashion really came through tonight and Toheeb Jimoh proved it with his white velvet suit by Dior. Eye-catching with an additional piece along his waist, Toheeb definitely stepped up and showed out changing the game.


Ok, so this look won and lost at the same time so that’s why I saved it for last because it’s penalty the best thing I’ve ever seen. It’s geometric, it’s girly and apparently it’s a collab with Louis Vuitton. I love a look that challenges the fashion b boundaries and Sarah Catharine Paulson did just that with this midnight satin look. You go girl.

This year’s 74th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony was hosted by SNL actor Kenan Thompson this past Monday at the Microsoft Theater located in LA, where it aired on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

“Yesterday I held the door for myself.”

When’s the last time a man actually asked if you needed help assisting with the door as you carried in five bags of groceries, or let you go first off the elevator? Right, it’s been too long. It seems the world of classy gentlemen have now shriveled down to just, well, men.

I can’t help but notice that this behavior is somewhat our fault ladies. Yes, we have been becoming more independent and driven, and we’re basically Wonder Woman in all areas of our life. But let’s take a moment to actually be kind to the men that notice a woman is in the room and want to be chivalrous. We can’t expect our knight in shining armor if we make him fall off the horse he came to pick us up in.

Gender roles have been changing in relationships a lot more often too. Women are asking men out, taking them out on dates and showering them in gifts. We’re beginning to spoil them as much as they do us. Call me old-fashioned but well shit, I am. It’s cool that women are becoming more dominant in their relationships but don’t expect me to kneel on one knee now. I respect the women that do though. I just have a different vision of how my next relationship will be. I picture a not-so-perfect gentleman but good enough to my standards where he loves to surprise me, is romantic, and funny.

Then there’s the challenge of actually teaching men how to be gentlemen because they weren’t taught growing up. I sometimes wonder, do you treat your mother like this? Or would you want someone to not show this level of respect to your daughter or sister? And of course, there’s the ladies that didn’t learn etiquette growing up which is another problem. We shouldn’t expect men to do everything for us and not show a lick of gratitude. Learn to appreciate the time and effort that they put into making us happy. (The ones that are actually fully committed to you and only you) We can’t live the lives of city girls forever.

At the end of the day, men still want to feel appreciated and wanted when it comes down to being involved in our lives. Let them be dominant sometimes and be the man of the house. It’s okay to still have our feminine energy and be a strong woman too, I’m not knocking that. It’s also okay to be a little ghetto but still be a classy, well-respected lady as well. But come on, girl we gotta do better. And fellas, I think my car door is waiting for you to so handsomely open it.

Thank you.

Style, Food, & Wine : Get You a Travel Bestie

Photo Cred: The Curl Market

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to explore especially when it comes to manifesting ideas and creating exciting boards so I can visually see what it is I’m trying to get out of that beautiful brain of mine. I came across this photo posted by the Curl Market, which reminded me of my best friend Alisabeth and myself when we get together.

Every woman needs a traveling companion and a drinking buddy ( if you drink ), and I definitely found one in my best friend. We are always having a glass of wine and discussing our dating problems or the latest fashion trend and even where we plan to travel next when the pandemic is over.

Sure you can travel by yourself, but who else can you try to talk to handsome men with in France or wine and dine with for brunch at the beach in Barbados.

The benefits from having a stylish travel companion –

  1. Splitting Expenses / Money Management – Brunches, drinks, & shopping would all be so much cheaper and even booking flights together and Airbnbs. She will let you know when you don’t need something, “No girl, you don’t need another bag!”
  2. Safety – No need to feel worried about your safety because your best friend will never let you out of her sight!
  3. Photo Ops – Make sure to get you a friend that knows your angles and can capture great shots for you with the scenery wherever you travel.
  4. Packing Essentials – Bestie will always make sure she has something you don’t in her bag or will remind you of something you always seem to forget.
  5. Creating Memories – Those beautiful memories will go down in history because it’s going to be the fondest of times that you will have with one another.

#Selflove is the Best Love

“…..we could all use some help in the self-love department.”

Between the weight gain and the loss of connection from the real world because you are isolated to just your comfy couch and that third glass of mimosa, you’ve been beginning to wonder what’s wrong with this picture? It’s time to stop stressing eating, talking negatively about your love life, and maybe let’s finally begin making that vision board you’ve been talking about. gives us 7 tips on how to start our journey of self-love and do it the right way.

First, let’s start with taking mindfulness into consideration. It should be practiced everyday, one step at a time. Take a break and get more intune with your body.

Speaking of your body, the second thing we should practice is nourishing our bodies by being cautious with what we put in our mouth. Don’t eat foods that make you feel bad but do eat ones that make you feel great and energized. Even consider the amount of alcohol you drink, they have wines that are not as sugary.

Third, be active girl! Let’s get up, stretch and dance like nobody’s watching. Go for a nice walk outside; you need a break from that computer and a breath of fresh air, hold the COVID.

Knowledge is power and it’s also good for the soul. The fourth thing you should do is to feed your soul with new activities. Try to learn something new, read a book you’ve been holding off for a while, or just find something you’re really passionate about and take some time out to actually do it. Your soul will thank you later.

You love yourself right? Well what exactly is it that you love? Whatever it is write it down because you guessed it, that’s our fifth tip. Make sure you hang it up around your house too so you can see it everyday. You go girl.

Don’t ignore your body. The sixth tip is to make sure you respond to the voice of your body; it’s telling you she’s hungry or needs some sleep. Don’t starve yourself or overwork yourself, your body needs its nutrients and beauty rest in order to remain functioning. Be the master of or your own domain. Meditate and love thyself.

Lastly, be grateful for the things you’ve accomplished yourself. There’s no better feeling that knowing that you did it and all by yourself at that.