#Selflove is the Best Love

“…..we could all use some help in the self-love department.”


Between the weight gain and the loss of connection from the real world because you are isolated to just your comfy couch and that third glass of mimosa, you’ve been beginning to wonder what’s wrong with this picture? It’s time to stop stressing eating, talking negatively about your love life, and maybe let’s finally begin making that vision board you’ve been talking about.

Huffpost.com gives us 7 tips on how to start our journey of self-love and do it the right way.

First, let’s start with taking mindfulness into consideration. It should be practiced everyday, one step at a time. Take a break and get more intune with your body.

Speaking of your body, the second thing we should practice is nourishing our bodies by being cautious with what we put in our mouth. Don’t eat foods that make you feel bad but do eat ones that make you feel great and energized. Even consider the amount of alcohol you drink, they have wines that are not as sugary.

Third, be active girl! Let’s get up, stretch and dance like nobody’s watching. Go for a nice walk outside; you need a break from that computer and a breath of fresh air, hold the COVID.

Knowledge is power and it’s also good for the soul. The fourth thing you should do is to feed your soul with new activities. Try to learn something new, read a book you’ve been holding off for a while, or just find something you’re really passionate about and take some time out to actually do it. Your soul will thank you later.

You love yourself right? Well what exactly is it that you love? Whatever it is write it down because you guessed it, that’s our fifth tip. Make sure you hang it up around your house too so you can see it everyday. You go girl.

Don’t ignore your body. The sixth tip is to make sure you respond to the voice of your body; it’s telling you she’s hungry or needs some sleep. Don’t starve yourself or overwork yourself, your body needs its nutrients and beauty rest in order to remain functioning. Be the master of or your own domain. Meditate and love thyself.

Lastly, be grateful for the things you’ve accomplished yourself. There’s no better feeling that knowing that you did it and all by yourself at that.

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