Keto is Key to Rapid Weight Loss

So I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the Keto diet trend that has been taking over these past couple years – if not well ladies, it’s time to get on board. Keto is basically a low-carb or no carb diet. That means it’s time to get rid of those burger buns, the sides of red potatoes, and sugary drinks (say good bye to the wine).

I have recently started my Keto diet journey again for the second time, but this time I plan on being more consistent throughout my everyday diet and exercise routine. A lot of my friends who are pretty active and are fitness trainers don’t recommend keto because it’s a very fat and protein- based diet and sometimes that doesn’t react well with everyone’s body. Thankfully the first time I tried it, my body reacted well, I actually lost eight pounds in a month.

Rapid weight loss is one of the main benefits from this diet, and that’s what caught my attention. But doctors have proven that it could benefit kid’s health such as epilepsy and type 2 diabetes. It can also help people who have syndromes, seizures, and heart disease. WebMD helps further explain the process of the keto diet, it’s benefits and what happens when you reach ketosis.

A lot of weight loss plans don’t work as quickly as this one because you have to put in more work than take out. With the Keto diet, just by cutting out sugar and carbs, you could lose weight without even exercising.

When I first began my journey, I wasn’t too sure about if it was going to work for my body. Now that I am back at it, I have more knowledge on what to eat, where to buy my keto grocery items and how often I should exercise. YouTubers and Instagram influencers I follow ( such as the Ketodashians ), have helped me out a lot because they always post what they buy, how to cook it, and where to find the products.

Currently, I have lost 3 pounds in five days. It is definitely harder the second time around because you have to train your body all over again to not eating carbs.

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