New to Online Dating? Things to Look Out For

I’m not proud to say it but I’ve been on the online dating scene for a while. While on it, I’ve experienced the Do’s and Don’ts to online dating and I have a few things that I’ve noticed along the way. On my podcast, I’ve discussed situations I’ve had with different guys and even some bad experiences because of course I have the worst luck ever when it comes to dating.

Oh sure, I’ve been single for a couple years but that doesn’t make me a master at being single. I’ve barely gotten the grasp of dating let alone online dating.

So I’m here to let you in on a little secret, especially if you are one of those people who go home alone, warm up some Ramen in the microwave and binge watch Emily in Paris. No worries, you are not alone. According to, 2019 statistics read that 2 percent of Americans have signed up to a dating site as of May 31, 2020. I can only imagine what the number has gone up to now during this long stretch of a constant lockdown due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Dating isn’t even the same anymore, so that brings me to the first thing to watch for – dating apps that put woman in charge. Bumble, a nice, sophisticated dating app, has the concept of the beehive. Women play the role of the Queen bee and in charge of swiping right on who they like and if they match, she must message the guy first. Now I personally didn’t mind this at first, but after a while I started running out of ways to say ‘Hey handsome, how’s your night going?’. I’ve noticed on most dating apps men don’t like to speak up or message first. Ladies, beware of this but also be confident because some men like a woman that knows what she wants.

So once you create an account on the dating app of your choice, (yes, there are options), another thing to look out for are the fake accounts or the lazy accounts. Don’t even think about swiping right on a guy that has one photo or less. He’s most likely fake – trust me, I know. Either he’s using one picture that isn’t even his, or he might just be lazy and doesn’t want to take the time out to upload a few pictures of himself. Those type of men want to remain a mystery; they don’t upload photos or fill out their bio information, so you’re left wondering who the heck is this guy? No hun, we want to look for someone who is verified, meaning they had to verify their image before creating their profile which helps let the matches know he’s really who he says he is. I try to verify my account on any app that allows it if possible. That way it’s a lower risk of getting catfished.

Now you’ve began to match with a few guys, and have exchanged messages. Watch out for men who ask for your number right after you match. Don’t waste your time giving your number out so quickly. Try to get to know the guy first through the app and make sure there’s a connection of some kind; make sure you are comfortable giving out that type of information. I’ve given out my number a few times and the conversation starts out well, but then after a week or two, it starts to fade or the guys go ghost. I rather get to know the guy and have him unmatch me on the app versus having my personal information and waste my time. But that’s just me.

You also have to watch out for guys who ask for your Snapchat information. 90 percent of guys that have asked for my Snapchat information have asked for nudes or sexy pictures. Be careful. Guys that ask for pictures might save your images or screenshot them or just want them for their own entertainment and pleasure. Don’t embarrass yourself by exposing yourself. Let that be a mystery.

And don’t fall for the hype. Dating online isn’t for everyone. Sure sites like Tinder use celebrities to endorse them like Megan tha Stallion, have cute commercials and use fun scenarios that make you feel like you’re a swipe away from meeting Prince Charming. But follow your heart….and your instincts. At the end of the day, you’ll meet someone regardless if it’s online or not.

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