They call me “Author”

Yes, yes. You read that correctly. I… am writing…a book. Most people would publish a memoir as their first book, or a book giving advice. But me? Nah. I want you to read about just how fucked up my dating life is and how I can’t believe I’ve been single for eight years (going on nine). I promise I’m probably going to be one of those 50-year-old women sitting at a restaurant alone, watching yet another wedding proposal sipping on my fifth glass of Rosé.

29 First Dates Gone Wrong is my baby. She’s going to give you some insight on how dates went, how I met some of these men, and just flings that I’ve had in general. Think of it kind of like a journal entry that you’re reading about your sister or your best friend. I’m going to have you all wondering ‘how does this girl do it?’ Or better yet, ‘how could men treat her like that?’, because I swear it’s not me.

I hope my readers find my material relatable and I even hope to inspire some women to focus on self-love and finding balance within their lives. And that being celibate isn’t really that bad. (Who am I kidding, I am DYING over here. I can’t even remember the last time I cuddled.) Sometimes we can’t have it all but it’s nice to dream about it isn’t it? So coming soon to you Spring of 2023.