Grad problems, got a job yet?

Finally got that degree.

But now what? Well of course, in my mind I expected, ‘oh yea, I’ll have my dream career job right at graduation welcoming me with open arms and a desk’. Just like I imagined being married at 25 and having a condo and being married by 30. But hey, life just doesn’t work like that now does it?

Since April, I’ve been attempting to perfect my résumé, I’ve edited my cover letter about 20 times, had three interviews and received 13 rejection emails.

Am I starting to feel discouraged and that my life is going no where – hell yes. But it’s not, and I’m here to tell you that instead of waiting for jobs to hire me I’m going to create my own work for myself.

As a writer who is experienced in social media, digital media, and editing, I’d say the opportunities I have are endless. Making myself a brand and trying to sell my elevator pitch comes with the territory as well. The journey hasn’t been easy though, I’ll tell you that.

So here’s a little advice to my fellow graduates if you choose to follow your heart and wait for that dream job after college:

1. Keep applying yourself and keep applying for jobs because you never know who is willing to hire you with or without the experience and skillset for the position. 2. Perfect your online resume and job search profiles especially if you are using sites like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, or Indeed. Make sure it showcases your best skills and talents you have to offer and your most recent work. 3. It’s ok to cry. You won’t get every job that you interview for and that’s ok. That just means something bigger and better is coming for you so scream in your pillow, eat a big bowl of ice cream and wait gracefully.

I will say one of the struggles of trying to find a job in your field is making sure you stand out from other applicants. Be proud of your work and brag on yourself a little. They are interviewing you to find out why they need you, so tell them and then show them.

Hey, grads I just want you to know I love you and you’re doing great you bad bxtch.