Chris Brown to release music video for “Under the Influence” upon success on single

R&B artist, Chris Brown’s music remains trending as social media takes us back to music from his ninth studio album, Indigo.

The original album was released June 28, 2019, as an extended cut version was released in August. Indigo: Extended included ten additional tracks making the album 42 songs long, including his newly popular single, “Under the Influence.”

But remember the viral dance studio video on YouTube last year by choreographer Nicole Kirkland? Yeah, this is that song. Not far after that, the single began to start its own trend among social media platforms. The rest is history; literally.

In this generation of social media influencers, you can never underestimate the realm of a comeback. As TikTok users created a variety of videos, “Under the Influence” made quite an appearance in content all over the country and Chris Brown was definitely paying attention.

Topping the charts every week over the summer on Apple Music, the single was officially certified platinum at 318 millions streams on Spotify this week as reported by Rated R&B.

So in celebration, Brown thanked his fans via Instagram. And to our surprise, also announced a music video release to the single very soon. You can watch the tease to the “Under the Influence” trailer video here.

Let’s hope there’s more to come including more videos from the “Warm Embrace” singer.

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