Comment, or Not to Comment – The Choice is YOURS

Photo Cred: @sasa_elebea

I’m new to this blog lifestyle so of course I want my followers to interact and tell me what they think! Let me know what your thoughts are and opinions. Please keep negative comments to a minimum because no one wants to read that shit at least not me.

The positive side of commenting gives me an idea of who is actually paying attention to what I post. I can also get an idea of the age range of my followers as well as the ethnicity and even sex of the person. It will motivate me to write more and be more consistent with my material and hopefully will spur a pool of new ideas and topics to touch on.

But the negative side of all of this is if I get a haters or a competitor trolling on my page that try to make me look bad and then I’ll have to just delete or block them if the comments are too derogatory or hateful. Hopefully no one will do that though and luckily it’s been good so far.

I’d love to create a discussion in my comments because that way you can interact with the other followers. Maybe you guys share the same opinion or come up with a great twist to a new idea or something, I don’t know. Anything is possible with my comments and I’m allowing it all.

I also post my articles and blog posts to social media to expand my reach and see how many interactions I can obtain from posting on Instagram and Facebook.


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